A person spends all his life searching in buying his dream home and then he spends all his life in dream home”
Purusottam enclave provides not just homes, Dream homes”

Company profile.
We are a leading and reputed name as builders and developers in Bhubaneswar,Orissa having expertise and in depth knowledge in field of construction,Growth expansion and diversification which are the prime factors determining the success of any company,we have not remained untouched by them and we are positively looking forward for the expansion,both in current field as well as new projects.

Company philosophy.

True value for money by providing best quality construction.All projects are carefully planned. managed and executed,to ensure that the highest standards are maintained and the best interests of our clients are served and thereby their investment in us is worth remembering for life.

Company’s  Approach and Fundamentals.

We realize that several factors go into providing real estate solution that protect customer investment,most important-Location, Design, Quality, cost-effectiveness, Timely Execution, Transparency and customer service. We intend to provide the same.